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Project Phoenix Will “Take Flight” Through Collaboration with the Lynn Food Security Task Force

Fifteen years ago, Vince Lique and his wife Kathy made the first donation to an emergency fund at GLSS to buy food and other basic necessities for consumers, many of whom were living on fixed incomes and struggling to make ends meet. To this day, many of these people constantly have to make difficult choices between buying food and paying rent or purchasing fuel to stay warm. The Lique Living Legacy Fund, named in Vince’s memory, helps GLSS consumers alleviate the burden of these choices, and through the generous support of many over the years, has helped countless individuals remain safe and independent. It has allowed people to face difficult challenges with their dignity intact, Vince’s most fervent wish.

Today, with senior centers shuttered and congregate meal sites closed, food insecurity has become an even more serious challenge among the vulnerable people we serve. To make matters worse, the City of Lynn—where so many of these individuals reside—has been especially hard hit by the pandemic, experiencing COVID-19 infection rates three times higher than the state’s average. “If nothing else, the pandemic has made us all even more keenly aware of the social barriers and inequities that exist all around us,” says GLSS CEO Kathryn C. Burns, MHA.

In keeping with the original vision of the Lique Living Legacy Fund, GLSS is excited to announce a new arm of this emergency fund, called “Project Phoenix.” Working as part of the Lynn Food Security Task Force—a consortium of nonprofits who are collaborating closely to address this important community need—Project Phoenix will provide good food, health and nutrition counseling, and personalized food preparation supports to those in need. “Vince’s vision was that all people be treated with dignity and respect,” says Kathryn C. Burns, GLSS’ CEO. “Project Phoenix will increase the reach and extend Vince’s vision further into the community, helping people in need in a way that respects their dignity.”

Project Phoenix will be located on the first floor of GLSS’ Silsbee Street office building, located in Lynn’s Central Square and easily accessed by those who live in the City’s downtown. It will serve as an exciting and innovative Food Hub for the City of Lynn and, in its comprehensive vision, is inspired by the legacy of Vince Lique and by his personal commitment to ensuring the well-being—in all its dimensions—of those we serve.

“As human beings, the pain of hunger is something we can all understand, and Project Phoenix will give us the opportunity to come together as a community to do something about it.”

Kathryn Burns, GLSS CEO

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