An Older Man With Health Aide

Heath and Well-Being

Nothing is more important to us than helping you stay healthy, happy, and active in your own unique way.  Your health and well-being are vital components of independent living. We offer a variety of Wellness Pathways programs and workshops to help you feel better, build confidence, and stay connected -- sign up for a Wellness Pathways workshop; speak with a counselor; or join a support group.


  • Wellness Pathways
    The Wellness Pathways program at GLSS is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of individuals in our communities.  This program is committed to building a culture of wellness, where individuals are engaged, educated, and empowered to achieve total health.

  • Conversations for Caring
    The Conversations program coordinates community education initiatives that include trainings for providers, both professional and volunteer, serving older persons, Veterans, persons living with disabilities of all ages, and their families.