How do I report elder abuse?  

Reporting Elder Abuse:  1-800-922-2275

If you suspect that an older adult is being mistreated or is neglecting their own care, you should immediately report your suspicions.  Some people—like first responders, medical professionals, and social workers—are mandated reporters, but anyone can and should report suspicions of elder abuse.  Except in rare cases, when referral to the District Attorney is necessary or as requested through court orders, the identity of the reporter is always kept confidential.

The state’s Executive Office of Elder Affairs staffs an Elder Abuse Hotline to simplify the process for reporting.  All calls (day or night, 7 days a week) go directly to the Massachusetts-based call center (1-800-922-2275) regardless of the where the reporter or the elder lives.  While the initial intake is centralized, all reports are referred to, and handled by, local Protective Services agencies like GLSS for screening, investigation, and service planning.

For complete information on how to file an elder abuse report and to take the first step, please go here:

If you are a Mandated Reporter and called the Elder Abuse Hotline to file a report, you are required to complete the Mandated Reporter form. If you filed the report online, this step is unnecessary. You can file a report online or access the Mandated Reporter form by using this link:

Download a Mandated Reporter Form