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Episode 22 | May 2022

This month on GLSS TV, a health check to see how everyone is dealing with the stress around the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Kelly Daugherty urges people to stay the course in trying to reduce stressful activities.
We’ll take a complicated subject and make it easier to understand in our Spotlight video, “How to Access Affordable Health Care.”
Rose MacDonald offers some great motivation and tips around doing a little -- but not too much -- spring cleaning.  
And, we promote the benefits of working for GLSS in our effort to attract new employees.

Field of yellow and red tulips


Episode 21 | April 2022

This month on GLSS TV, we sit down with Travel Trainer Rose MacDonald to learn that we’re all doing a little too much of just that — sitting. We'll explore addictions from two angles: In Kelly’s Corner, Kelly Daugherty looks at the symptoms and effects of alcoholism, and we’ll gain a broader understanding, through a Spotlight video, of the Science of Addiction. We’re getting word out about employment opportunities at GLSS on the program and Chef Joey shows us how easy it is, with a little cornmeal and a fry pan, to make crispy and tasty tofu bites, Asian style.

Steve Chisholm


Episode 20 | March 2022

This month on GLSS TV, our Travel Trainer takes a tumble in the snow and reminds us of ways we can avoid doing the same, as well as answering some of your questions about falls. We'll also learn how a man who'd experienced severe childhood traumas was able to not just overcome them, but who now thrives in spite of them. And, the country is poised, once again, to return to something more normal, related to the pandemic. What does "returning to normal" mean? And finally, we enjoy the bounty of the sea through the bounty of Chef Joey's cooking of some Fish and Chips!

Dr. Paul Foxman


Episode 19 | February 2022

On this month's episode of GLSS TV: The city of Lynn played a critical role in the life of Frederick Douglass who lived here for seven years in the mid 1800’s. This month, GLSS TV honors the remarkable life of Douglass and explores how Lynn provided him with the opportunity to become a prominent national figure as an abolitionist and world-class orator. Travel Trainer Rose MacDonald offers a mix of strength and safety tips in a variety of conditions and terrains. In a nod to his grandmother, Chef Joey pulls out all the stops to make a hearty and easy beef stew. And, Kelly Daugherty invites us to pause for a moment during February to relax, with guidance and visualizations as part of Kelly’s Corner.

Frederick Douglass


Episode 18 | January 2022

In January, GLSS TV tackles the chill by making sure we stay active and healthy even in winter! We'll visit Nahant Beach and increase flexibility and strength while we're there. We'll offer a few more details about the Phoenix Food Hub in Lynn and learn ways to gently usher in the New Year, without huge expectations. As part of our Spotlight series, we'll look at some Opioid-use treatments that are having positive effects in the Commonwealth. And from the kitchen — Chef Joey treats us to a perfect and cozy winter soup.

Person walkiing on the beach


Episode 17 | December 2021

In this month's episode of GLSS TV:
CEO Kathy Burns announces news of Phoenix Food Hub in Lynn receiving the green light with support from Mass General Brigham, Tufts Health Plan Foundation, and local sources.
Kelly Daugherty gives a gentle nod to the holidays in Kelly's Corner by offering some tips to make it through the month with ease.
We’ll learn about treatment recommendations for people living with Parkinsons Disease.
Rose MacDonald offers Travel Training exercises for strengthening your upper body.
And on The Way it Was, we look -- and listen back to some spirited singing truck drivers from the 1940's. You'll have to see it to believe it!

Fresh vegetables


Episode 16 | November 2021

This November we observe and celebrate two important holidays and events. Our North Shore region boasts large numbers of family caregivers so this month we recognize their efforts and challenges as part of National Family Caregivers Month. We also remember the sacrifices made by the many thousands of American men and women who served in the Vietnam War. We'll flip the calendar pages back one hundred years to compare and contrast the Spanish Flu of 1918 to the COVID-19 pandemic. Travel Trainer Rose MacDonald takes us on a tour of Belle Isle Marsh in Winthrop to learn some wise safety tips when leaving the city asphalt behind. And, learn to make the easiest and most timely baked item of the season: Pumpkin Pie!

Michelle Parr and Kelly Daugherty


Episode 15 | October 2021

From this month's episode of GLSS TV: More than seventy jaw-dropping works of art cover the walls and sides of buildings in areas all around the city of Lynn - we'll get the low down on how they came to be, from the ground up; October is Emotional Wellness Month so we'll explore some of  the effective and very simple ways you can incorporate Mindfulness in your daily routines to reduce stress in workplace or home environments; We look at how families are dealing with uncertainty around emerging information related to the Delta variant; And, we give our feet and ankles a break! Not a literal one but a chance to stretch and show off flexibility, as part of our ongoing Travel Training program.

Al Wilson of Beyond Walls


Episode 14 | September 2021

This month's GLSS TV episode features the Phoenix Food Hub. Phoenix is a one-stop food and nutrition center that's coming together with many partners in the former Senior Center space. September is Falls Prevention Month so we're going to stay on our toes in the safest ways possible with Travel Trainer Rose MacDonald. One of the most popular forms of stress reduction centers around visualization and guided imagery techniques. Kelly Daugherty explores the benefits and offers viewers the chance to try it. And, how to cook without heat! Chef Joey makes the simple and simply delicious Caprese Salad. Get your basil ready!

Marilyn Long


Episode 13 | August 2021

The August episode of GLSS TV celebrates one year on the airwaves! In this first anniversary episode, we take a look back at some of the stories that have resonated over the past twelve months.

One year of GLSS TV collage


Episode 12 | July 2021

It's July and summer is here! In this month's episode of GLSS TV, Rose offers some simple tips for adding more movement to your daily routine; James McKowen talks about a concerning increase of cannibis usage among adolescents; Kelly looks at how COVID continues to impact the way we gather in groups; and Chef Joey shows us how to prepare a fancy salmon and spinach dish in less than half an hour.

Travel trainer Rose demonstrates exercises


Episode 11 | June 2021

June is here and the official start to summer is just around the corner. In this month's episode of GLSS TV: some tips from Rose about choosing the best footwear to enjoy walks in the mild weather; a look at the services provided by North Region LTSS Partnership and OneCare with Nicole, Juan, and Maria; a trip  back in time looking at movie theater newsreels; and a light summer squash, chick pea, and pasta recipe from chef Anna.

NRLP and OneCare case managers


Episode 10 | May 2021

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and in this episode, GLSS TV visits with Meredith and Lynn from the Mobile Mental Health program; also featured are segments about Borderline Personality Disorder and parenting during the pandemic; Rose shows us how to use the MBTA Trip Planner and Chef Joey makes a delicious and easy chicken piccata!

Meredith and Lynn, Mobile Mental Health Program


Episode 9 | April 2021

The April GLSS TV episode features some information about Parkinson's Disease for Parkinson's Awareness Month. Other features include: a trivia question; some mind and body relaxtion tips from Kelly and Rose; a look back at the 1939 World's Fair; and a spring roll recipe with chef Joey!

Spring Flowers


Episode 8 | March 2021

March is here and spring is just around the corner! In this episode of GLSS TV: A spotlight on the contributions of social workers through the words and thoughts of some of our colleagues as we observe Social Worker Month; How society has treated viruses in the past, compared to today; Increased travel on public transportation means the need for increased safety awareness with ways to stay safe and strong; It's beloved and easy - how to make your own pizza!

Robin Destefano, GLSS


Episode 7 | February 2021

As we move into February, GLSS TV is pleased to be broadcasting on the Saugus Cable TV as well as LCTV! In this episode: we celebrate Black History Month with a visit to the Lynn Community Minority-Multicultural Center with Darrell Murkison; Kelly Daugherty talks about Pandemic Fatigue; Chef Joey shows us how to make tasty roasted brussels sprouts; and we get some tips about winter hydration and exercise from Rosemary.

Lynn Community Minority-Multicultural Center


Episode 6 | January 2021

In the January episode of GLSS TV, we begin the year with a conversation with a leading epidemiologist about coronavirus vaccines and the safest masks to use for the best protection. We take a look at previous and notable presidential inaugurations, and get some safe and beneficial tips on ways to travel on foot when conditions are snowy or icy.  In our "Kelly's Corner" segment Kelly offers easy and valuable ways to stay positive during the dark of winter, and CEO Kathy Burns wishes viewers a Happy New Year!

Person getting the COVID vaccine


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This Month's Recipe

Tofu Bites

Joey's Tofu Bites
From GLSS TV episode 21

Click here for a printable version


1 Extra firm block of tofu
Soy Sauce
Garlic Powder
Olive Oil

For sauce:
1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil
¼ cup of rice vinegar
½ cup soy sauce
1 teaspoon of garlic powder
2 teaspoons of sugar
2 tablespoon chopped green onions


-Wrap the tofu in a clean dish towel. Put something heavy on top then drain for 1/2 hour.
-Chop tofu into bite size pieces, no smaller.
-Combine tofu and soy sauce in a bowl.
-Sprinkle garlic powder and corn meal over tofu and combine gently to cover all sides.
-Heat oil in pan.
-Add your tofu.
-Turn it as it begins to brown and cook till finished. (about 15 mins)

For Sauce:
-Combine ingredients in a small bowl, and whisk.

Recipe submitted by
Joey S.


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