Provider Notices

GLSS appreciates the knowledge and expertise of our providers. Together we build strong partnerships of mutual respect and quality care to serve elders in the community. We encourage open communication with our vendors. 


Please check here for updates on Provider meetings and Fairs.

Provider Fair Date: September 16, 2015


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Homemaker Providers

Homemaker agencies have a common thread in the services they offer. Additionally, HM/PC/SHCA Services are all bid through the NOI process and are impacted by EOEA salary adjustments. We hold meetings exclusively for Homemaker Agencies to address any industry concerns/trends.

Homemaker Provider Meeting Dates.

  • November 4th 2014
  • Next Meeting:  May 27th, 2015

Home Care Provider of the Month: We have developed a “Provider of the Month” program as an opportunity to feature agencies in our network.  It enables our Home Care team to learn more about your company and staff and what distinguishes you from others. The program will initially begin with randomly selected Homecare Providers each month.  We ask the chosen provider to supply us with their own brief highlight write-up and pictures that we will share with our Home care team.

EOEA Salary Reserve Updates

  • As in previous years, the FY15 Salary Reserve will provide a wage increase to direct care workers in human service settings, including home care, who earn less than $40,000 annually. This year’s Salary Reserve will be implemented as an annualized rate increase of approximately $.28 cents for homemakerpersonal care homemaker, and supportive home care aide services.  $.24 per hour of this increase will be used to adjust the average worker wages and $.04 per hour will be set aside for the employer’s portion of payroll and fringe benefit obligations. Home care agencies will also receive retro-payments from each of the ASAPs they contract with to cover the increase for services billed between July 1, 2014 and the date of your rate adjustment.  GLSS  will adjust their providers rates for February 2015 billing. 
  • Home Care Aide billing rates. EOEA will be directing a $0.75 billing rate increase. The component parts of the increase are 1) a $0.64 per hour adjustment for worker wage increase, and 2) a  $0.11 per hour adjustment for employer’s portion of payroll and fringe benefit obligations. The wage adjustment of $0.64 per hour increases the average employee compensation from its mandate of $11.81 per hour to $12.45, effective immediately with retroactive to July 1, 2014.

 EOEA NOI Contract Management System


Monitoring Tools

GLSS is required by EOEA to monitor all providers for compliance requirements. Homemaker Providers are monitored every 2 years and Non-Homemaker Providers are monitored every 3 years.


Prior to monitoring visit please complete the following documents:

Please Review Checklists for Compliance

Must be displayed in visible spot/s


All contracted Providers must run CORI checks and monthly Office of Attorney General (OIG) checks.