Ways to Give Back

Woman with coffee in handMan at a machine shop

Woman brushing teeth Woman raking leaves

Make A Donation

Give back to seniors in lots of ways... if you know one or are one.

  • Have a senior over for coffee.

  • Learn from one in his or her machine shop. Power tool time.

  • Rake a few lawns. Play in the leaves.

  • Have them show you how to make an apple pie.

  • Go for a walk.

  • Show a senior the local YMCA or the local senior center and all they offer.

  • Think of something wild....

  • Sushi?

On this Tuesday, think of one way to give back, even if it is just to extend an invitation.

Don't have time today?

You can donate to GLSS. Our mission is to help seniors every day. Click the Donate tab below.

Donate Online

CLICK THE BLUE DONATE TAB BELOW and give to us through the Boston Foundation.

If you give online on Tuesday, there will be no fees, thanks to the Boston Foundation.

If you prefer to send a check, send it to: Greater Lynn Senior Services, 8 Silsbee Street Lynn, MA 01901. Please specify the Give Back to a Senior Initiative.