General Questions

Senior Man with a Dog at the BeachWho qualifies for home care services?
If you’re 60 years of age or older, your income falls within the limits set by the state, and you need help with personal care, meal preparation, or another critical need, you may qualify for assistance. Call us confidentially to discuss your situation.


Does Medicare insurance pay for GLSS services?
Medicare pays for certain home services, such as home health aides, nursing, or physical therapy for seniors who meet Medicare requirements for skilled nursing services. Elders often receive this type of help when they first come out of the hospital. Home care services such as Meals on Wheels, housework, and grocery shopping are state funded through a home care agency and are provided on a sliding scale depending on income level.


What is the difference between the GLSS Medical Transportation program and “The RIDE” Transportation?
GLSS Medical Transportation is for those age 60 and older living in our five-town area needing transportation to medical appointments only. Reservations should be made at least two days in advance.

The RIDE is owned and operated by the MBTA and provides transportation to disabled persons regardless of age to any destination. To be eligible for these services, you must have a disability certified by a doctor, and you must apply directly to the MBTA. For more information, visit: