Senior Woman with GlassesDo you feel overwhelmed by your possessions? Are you ashamed of your home environment but feel powerless to change it? Is it affecting your relationships?

If clutter or a need to collect possessions has taken over your life...
Sometimes possessions can become overwhelming, especially if you feel a strong emotional attachment to them or are unable to discard or sort through them. If your home environment has become unsafe or unhealthy, because of too many possessions, we can help.

We won’t throw anything away, but our trained counselors and staff will help you work towards an action plan—at your own pace—so you can remain in your home, safely and with dignity, regain control of your environment, and feel better about yourself.

Do you ever feel this way?
“Nobody else could have as much stuff—my house is too far gone.” “I don’t want help. I’ll fix this myself when I feel better.” “I have to save things, just in case. I worry about not having enough.” “Someone might need this someday.” “Discarding an object is like throwing away a piece of me.” 


What kinds of services do you provide?   Who is eligible?
 Our program provides a range of helpful services to meet your individual needs:
  • One-on-one or family counseling in your own home. Supportive telephone calls.
  • Mediation with landlords, housing authority personnel, and animal control and public safety officials.
  • Referrals to services, like help with heavy chores, homecare, or Meals on Wheels.
  • Assistance in finding other resources, like personal organizers, who can help you take control of your possessions, and veterinary services and animal foster care, which can provide temporary safety for you and your pets.
 This program is for area residents age 60 and older, who are concerned that they may need help.