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Healthy Eating For Successful Living in Older Adults

 Calvary Christian Church

47 Grove St. Lynnfield


March 9-April 13



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Kelsey Magnuson


Healthy Eating for Successful Living in Older Adults

Healthy eating is an evidenced based program for diverse community-dwelling adults age 60 and older.  The overall goal of healthy eating is to increase self-efficacy and general well-being by improving participants’ knowledge of nutritional choices as well as supportive physical activity

Healthy Eating is a program for seniors who want to learn more about how nutrition and lifestyle changes can promote better health.  The program focuses on heart and bone healthy nutrition strategies to help maintain or improve wellness and prevent chronic disease development or progression.

Healthy eating uses the USDA’s MyPlate as a framework.  The main components of the program include:

  • Self-assessment and management of dietary patterns by each participant.
  • Goal setting, problem solving, group support, self-monitoring and other behavior change strategies
  • Education through both group interaction and the expertise of a registered dietitian/nutritionist, when needed.
  • Group support.

The program also includes recommendations and support for physical activity in conjunction with sound nutrition practices.  Through participation in the program, individuals build a sense of empowerment as they accomplish incremental changes.

Healthy Eating incorporates education, support and a practiced skill set that includes goal setting and problem solving through group processes led by a lay leader.  The lay leaders are persons with little or no formal training in nutrition, whose primary roles are to foster group dynamics and model appropriate behavior change techniques.  Following a detailed script, lay leaders guide the process in such a way that participants learn how to implement changes from each other.

The workshop is conduction over six sessions, meeting weekly for 2 ½ hours per session:


Week 1: MyPlate, 2010 Dietary Guidelines, label reading and exerc

Week 2: grains, vegetables fruits, water and exercise

Week 3: protein, eggs, legumes, dairy, and exercise

Week 4: fats, sweets, and exercise

Week 5: apply our skills, grocery shopping

Week 6: putting it all together: meal preparation or cooking demonstration

For more information, please contact:

Kelsey Magnuson, Healthy Living Program Community Coordinator or 781-586-8530